The quadratic time-dependent hamiltonian - evolution operator, squeezing regions in phase-space and trajectories

Int. J. Modern Phys. B. 8, 1563 (1994) (14 pages)

S. S. Mizrahi, M. H. Y. Moussa, and B. Baseia


We consider the most general Time-Dependent (TD) quadratic Hamiltonian written in term of the bosonic operators alpha and alpha+, which may represent either a charged particle subjected to a harmonic motion, immersed in a TD uniform magnetic field, or a single mode photon field going through a squeezing medium. We solve the TD Schrodinger equation by a method that uses, sequentially, a TD unitary transformation and the diagonalization of a TD invariant, and we verify that the exact solution is a complete set of TD states. We also obtain the evolution operator which is essential to express operators in the Heisenberg picture. The variances of the quadratures are calculated and a phase space of parameters introduced, in which we identify squeezing regions. The results for some special cases are presented and as an illustrative example the parametric oscillator is revisited and the trajectories in phase space drawn.