Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Group




Title:  Evolution equation for quantum entanglement
Speaker : Adriano Aragão (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)


Quantum information technology largely relies on a precious and fragile resource, quantum entanglement, a highly nontrivial manifestation of the coherent superposition of states of composite quantum systems. However, our knowledge of the time evolution of this resource under realistic conditions—that is, when corrupted by environment-induced decoherence—is so far limited, and general statements on entanglement dynamics in open systems are scarce. Here we prove a simple and general factorization law for quantum systems shared by two parties, which describes the time evolution of entanglement on passage of either component through an arbitrary noisy channel. The robustness of entanglement-based quantum information processing protocols is thus easily and fully characterized by a single quantity . 

Reference: Nature Physics 4, 99 (2008)

Ciclo de Seminário de Óptica Quântica

DATA: Quarta -feira, 09 de abril de 2008
LOCAL: Sala de seminários J. A. Swieca ou  sala de seminários em frente a chefia.